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Flamingo Flocking

What is flocking?

Have you ever wanted to play a practical joke on a friend, relative, co-worker, teacher, coach or other deserving person? Well here's your chance to have some fun and contribute to a worthwhile cause at the same time. The Woburn Host Lions will deliver a flock of pink flamingos to the lucky person of your choice. And the money will help to support Massachusetts Lions Eye Research and other local charities.

Imagine the laughs you'll have with your friends when your "target" comes home to find the flock of pink flamingos in their yard? All you have to do is let us know who, where, and when, we'll deliver and pick them back up.  We charge based on the number of flamingos...and the distance we have to travel. Local prices from $50 and up.  We can display from 25 to 100 flamingos!!  Contact us today.

  Interested?  Send us an email.

photo credit Ryan Hyde at

Photo credit Ryan Hyde /

Woburn Host Lions
PO Box 81, Woburn MA 01801
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